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Before and After Care

Before & After Care Services are provided by Innovation Learning. 

From Innovation Learning: "We believe in the power of a child’s mind. With decades of educational experience as teachers, school administrators, and parents, we know a child’s capacity to learn and innovate is unleashed when we engage them.

Our program is designed around the idea that students should be active participants and experience increased control of their own learning. We offer a flexible format so students can make choices about what and how they learn during their before and after school program. Couple this with the training we provide to our staff, teaching them to act as learning facilitators, better positions Innovation Learning students for success. Over decades as career educators, we have crafted the ideal framework that marries structured, research-based and skill-building methods with adaptable, creative frameworks that allow children to become innovators."


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To register, visit:



AM Program:

  • 6:30 am – 8:00 am

PM Program:

  • 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Area Director: Jesse Durst

[email protected] 720.871.9769

[email protected]

Registration Fees:
Registration fees are nonrefundable payments applicable to the entire school year or summer 
programming. If a parent chooses to cancel any programming options or withdraw their child 
from the program at any time, Innovation Learning retains this fee. 
Should programming be canceled or delayed by Innovation Learning, the Registration Fee will 
remain on the families' account until the end of the year for use when programming resumes.
Monthly billing: Monthly scheduling and pricing are for families who need our Before/After Care programs on a regular set schedule through the end of the school year.

Benefits of a Monthly Schedule 
• Because our monthly customers use our programs most, the monthly rate represents our most economical option for families as our rates are discounted. 
• This ensures that families can spread the total cost out throughout the year and can budget accordingly and they are based on total yearlong attendance.
• Pricing is made convenient by dividing the entire school year into nine (9) or ten (10) equal installments that are billed monthly throughout the school year (the installments may be set for August – May, August – June or September – June, depending upon the length of the school year for your child’s school). 
Important Conditions for Monthly AM/PM Scheduling 
• Monthly installments will not be prorated. Regardless of the number of days in a specific month, pricing is the same. This is because monthly pricing has been determined based on the number of days in the school year and equally divided to create predictable, installment pricing. Whether there are 20 days, 18 days or 10 days in a month, pricing remains conveniently consistent. 
• Monthly rates are discounted based upon volume. Therefore, we do not offer credits for partial months. If you are concerned about potential absences or refunds for any unused days (to include those outside of your control, such as school closures or illnesses) then you likely want to consider Daily Drop- In Schedule or for even greater flexibility.
• Families pay using the Autopay and all monthly installments are deducted the 1st of each month. 
• To cancel or switch the Monthly billing, you must contact the Customer Service Team at [email protected] or 866-239-3661. We require a 10-day advance notice, prior to the next upcoming monthly installment. 
Drop-In Billing: Our most flexible payment option, 'Drop-In' scheduling and pricing affords families the opportunity to change their schedules from day-to-day or week-to-week. 
Families taking advantage of the ‘Drop-In’ option can schedule up until the night before attending. Children can attend as needed and are not locked into the same set schedule. 

Benefits of a Drop-In Schedule
• Families can schedule and “pay as you go” right in your Family Account 
• The Drop-In Schedule can be used in unison with the Monthly Schedule to take care of “last minute” or “emergency” coverage needs (not covered by Monthly Schedule enrollment). For example, if a child is registered for every Tuesday and Thursday via their Monthly Schedule enrollment and they want to add Wednesday for one week, the additional day can be added via the Drop-In Schedule. 
• Families have ultimate control over their schedule and only pay for what they register for.
• Drop-In scheduling is the only pricing option where parents can receive a credit if their child is sick or cannot not attend for any reason. (Request for credit must be within 72 hours of the scheduled date)
Important Conditions for Drop-In Scheduling 
• Drop-in rates must be paid at the time of enrollment, prior to your child’s attendance in the program. 
• Families who need a Same Day Drop-Ins, for safety reasons, MUST inform the school Office and/or their child's Classroom Teacher prior to the end of the school day.
• Innovation Learning On-site Staff MUST be notified prior to the start of the program that a child is being enrolled as a Same Day Drop-In. 
• There will be an additional $5.00 Same Day Drop-In fee for students being added on the same day