Youngsville Academy

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School Profile

Founded: 2015
2018-2019 Enrollment: 330 Students
Grade Levels Served: K-5. Each year, the school will add one grade level consisting of 60 students.
Average Class Size: 20
Tuition: Free
Primary Instructional Method: Direct Instruction in Grades K-5
School History: The history of the school began in 2012, shortly after the State Legislature lifted the cap on charter schools.

The Henson family, who share a passion for education, evaluated the requirements to open a charter school. Discussions were had, prayers were said, and the decision was made to invest what would ultimately be thousands of hours into opening the school.

The vision for the school included providing a world-class, college-preparatory education for the ‘average kid’. An education where, in addition to academics, the students would learn valuable life lessons, helping them become responsible, compassionate, and capable young adults.

Mr. Larry Henson, Founder, recruited an exemplary Board of Directors who shared the lofty vision for the school. The Founding Board included Mr. Larry Henson, Ms. Barbara Riley, Mrs. Margaret Schmitz, Dr. Patricia Warren, Mr. Jim McElwee, and Mr. John Allen.
Each Board Member donated significant time and provided valuable input. A special debt of gratitude is owed to Mr. John Allen, our current Board Chairman, whose generosity was pivotal in opening the school. 

After nearly three years of work and preparation, Youngsville Academy received final approval from the State of North Carolina to open a Charter on January 8, 2015. 
In July 2015, Youngsville Academy opened its doors for the inaugural year serving Grades K-2. In 2016, the school expanded by one grade level, and will continue to do so until it serves grades K-12. The response and support from the community has been overwhelming. Students come from nine North Carolina counties to attend the school.