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Academic Program

Youngsville Academy offers a rigorous college-preparatory, non-common core education that focuses on academic and character development.


We strive to develop strong academic foundations, helping students to become hard workers, critical thinkers, and relentless pursuers of truth. We favor a classical, college-preparatory approach instead of the fragmented common core approach. We are the only non-common core, publicly funded school in Franklin County or the surrounding areas. We are motivated by a goal of teaching students how to think, enabling them to become lifelong learners, rather than what to think (indoctrination).  



The values that the school seeks to instill include: 

Fortitude: fearlessness, courage, and strength in tackling every challenge;
Integrity: manifesting the character of being trustworthy, honest, and of choosing to do the right things for the right reasons;
Respect: demonstrating respect for all persons with courtesy, cooperation, and helpfulness; respecting the rules of the common life of the school; respecting all property with its correct use and upkeep; and
Excellence: striving to do one's best in every situation/task.