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To provide students a joyful learning environment which cultivates the virtues of good character and equips them with exceptional skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic through fostering a love of learning that serves as a foundation empowering them to succeed.


Esse Quam Videri

The school’s motto is a Latin saying meaning “to be, rather than to seem”, which was adopted as the State of North Carolina’s official motto in 1893. The motto attests to the school’s objective to provide real results, rather than trying to fool people into believing that results are being achieved. The saying is originally derived from the Roman philosopher Cicero in his writing “De amicitia.”

“I am a Phoenix on FIRE”.
Faculty, staff, students, and parents support and exemplify in conduct and expression the underlying principles of the YA slogan:
  • Fortitude: fearlessness, courage, and strength in tackling every challenge;
  • Integrity: manifesting the character of being trustworthy, honest, and of choosing to do the right things for the right reasons;
  • Respect: demonstrating respect for all persons with courtesy, cooperation, and helpfulness; respecting the rules of the common  life of the school; respecting all property with its correct use and upkeep; and
  • Excellence: striving to do one's best in every situation/task.
Phoenix Pledge:
In addition to the Pledge of Allegiance, students begin their day with the Phoenix Pledge:
“Today I pledge to be a Phoenix on FIRE. I will meet every challenge with fortitude. I will act with integrity and honesty. I will respect everyone with courtesy and kindness. I will strive for excellence in everything I do. And to this I dedicate my day.”