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Applied Virtues

A virtuous life is the best life. A virtuous life supports the development of healthy habits and relationships, and the achievement of success inside and outside of the classroom.
Our school focuses on integrating virtues into the entirety of the day, with a focus on students applying virtues to each task. 
The primary educators of children, parents, model virtue at home through daily life and daily tasks. We seek to emulate this approach towards modeling virtue during the day and we expect virtuous behavior at all times.
It is imperative that virtues are applied. Esse quam videri. Simply knowing what a virtue is, or virtue signaling, is not the same as applying virtues. When new students, teachers or visitors enter our school, they often recognize the uniqueness of our environment, and how positive and respectful students are and comment upon the positive attitude and respectfulness of our students. 


The values that the school seeks to instill include: 

Fortitude: fearlessness, courage, and strength in tackling every challenge;
Integrity: manifesting the character of being trustworthy, honest, and of choosing to do the right things for the right reasons;
Respect: demonstrating respect for all persons with courtesy, cooperation, and helpfulness; respecting the rules of the common life of the school; respecting all property with its correct use and upkeep; and
Excellence: striving to do one's best in every situation/task.