Youngsville Academy

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North Carolina's Department of Public Instruction provides accountability and testing data for publicly funded schools. Information and reports are available here:
Youngsville Academy's Report Card History:
  • School Performance Score: 56
  • School Letter Grade: C
  • School Reading Score: 73 (Highest in Franklin County)
  • No Grade Received during 2015-2016 Academic Year (NC Report Cards only reflect Grades 3-12; Youngsville Academy had students in Grades K-2 during the 2015-2016 Academic Year)
  • Youngsville Academy (35B000) 2017-18 Read to Achieve Grade 3 End-of-Year Results
    G.S. §115C-83.10 requires "each local board of education to publish annually
    on a Web site maintained by that local school administrative unit and report
    in writing to the State Board of Education (SBE) by September 1 of each
    year the following information on the prior school year:"