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Youngsville Academy #1 in Franklin County

The State published End-of-Grade (EOG) & End-of-Course (EOC) performance data from the 2020-2021 school year. We are happy to report that Youngsville Academy achieved the top results in Franklin County for elementary and middle school grade levels!

Some Highlights:

  • In 3rd Grade Reading (a year closely monitored/measured by the state) the percent of YA students who demonstrated proficiency in reading was nearly 3X the county average (75% vs 28.5%).
  • On the combined results (all EOGs & EOCs in Grades 3-8), the percent of students demonstrating College and Career Readiness, per State Standards, was nearly 2X the county average.

While we’re excited to have the top performance in the county on the EOGs and EOCs, it is important to note that these assessments significantly understate the school’s actual performance relative to schools that limit their education to targeting the NC Standards (which includes most Charter Schools).

The EOGs and EOCs are narrowly and explicitly focused on the NC Standards, whereas Youngsville Academy’s curriculum is broadly designed to develop critical thinking skills, work ethic, and academic foundations for future success. This approach is geared towards providing a college-preparatory (and lifelong) focus. More information is available here: Weakening Education Through State Standards & Standards-Based Assessments.

When assessing performance through a more meaningful evaluation (in our case, ITBS), we not only see continually improving performance, but data that demonstrates an astounding average student performance of the 70th percentile (trending higher each year).

While the SAT and ITBS do not directly correlate, NC high schools with an average student performance of the 70th percentile on the SAT, and comparable participation rates, are among the top 5% of public/charter high schools in North Carolina.

We are on an exciting path. Thank you again to our entire school community for your hard work and dedication. Parents and teachers: you are truly making a difference.