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Youngsville Academy promotes student involvement in extracurricular activities. Parents, faculty, and staff are encouraged to lead and support a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities for the students. As additional extracurricular opportunities become available, they will be added to the list below.
2023-2024 Extracurriculars:


Grades Club Leader Day Cost
K Drawing Ms. Draper Thursday $20
K Storybook Ms. Dalrymple Wednesday $15
K, 1 Garden Ms. Gibson Wednesday $20
K, 1, 2 Footprints Ms. DeGrutolla Thursday $10
1, 2 Bon Voyage Ms. Amos Tuesday $20
1, 2 LEGO Ms. Gonzalez Thursday $20
2 Theater Ms. Consolazio Wednesday $10
2, 3 Coloring Ms. Peck Wednesday $12
2, 3 Cooking Ms. Driver Wednesday $20
2, 3 Garden Ms. Price Tuesday $20
2, 3 Spanish Ms. Celayos Tuesday $20
3 Theater Ms. Alexander Wednesday $10
3, 4 Brain Booster Ms. Hribar Tuesday $10
3, 4, 5 Board Games Mr. Simmonds Thursday $5
4, 5 Theater Ms. Stevenson Wednesday $10
4, 5 Art Ms. Coates Tuesday $20
4, 5 Explorers Ms. Vann Thursday $15
4, 5 Math (Crazy 8s) Ms. Ollison Tuesday $20
4, 5  Windstars & Percussion Mr. Ervin & Ms. Flynn Thursday $30


Link to pre-register for K-5 clubs:


Junior High School:

Grades Club Leaders Day of Week Cost
6-8 Green Thumbs Ms. Ballinger Tuesday $20
6-8 Modern Band Mr. Ervin and Ms. Flynn Tuesday $20
6-8 JCL Ms. Henry Wednesday $20
6-8 Archeology Dr. Kampfl Thursday $20
6-8 Logic Skills for Life Ms. Naradzay Thursday $10
6-8 Board Game Mr. Privette Tuesday $5
6-8 Crochet  Ms. Shrader Thursday $20
6-8 Outdoors Mr. Small Tuesday** $20*
6-8 Photography/Yearbook Support Ms. Temple Wednesday $10
6-7 Drum Prep Band Mr. Teres Wednesday N/A


*Additional costs associated with competitions and travel may be incurred.
**The Outdoors Club will meet until November and will start again in early April.


Link to pre-register for JH clubs:

Please note: Participation in Junior High & High School Student Council and Athletics are handled separately.


Non School Sponsored Clubs:
Parents may lead clubs that are not sponsored by the school. Each non school sponsored club must have a minimum membership of 10 students and must have a minimum of 2 background checked adults at each club meeting. Club membership must be limited to YA students. A club facilities fee is required. Please contact the JH or Elementary Principal for approval to offer a non school sponsored club.
Elementary School Club Flyers:
Junior High Club Flyers: