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2024-2025 Enrollment Lottery Results

Youngsville Academy held the 2024-2025 Enrollment Lottery today. We are grateful for everyone who applied. We are excited to welcome many new scholars into our school! 

General Lottery Results are attached and are listed by lottery number. 

Enrollment Preference: This year we had more than 40 families with Enrollment Preference. Enrollment Preference is granted for families with children currently enrolled at the school or children of full-time employees. All Enrollment Preference students have been accepted; your lottery number will not appear in the General Lottery.

Regarding Lottery Numbers: One lottery number was assigned to each family. The lottery number is the first letter of the student's last name and the final four digits of the family's primary phone number listed on the application. (Example: John Doe 919.123.4567 would be assigned lottery number D4567). If you are unsure which phone number was listed, please check the results for any of the possibilities (typically only 2 or 3 possibilities). 

"Accepted" means that a student is receiving an enrollment offer. If a student did not receive an offer via the enrollment lottery, the result is shown as "Waitlist" followed by the student's current waitlist position.  “Waitlist 5” indicates that the student is currently 5th on the waitlist for their grade level.

For families that are accepted: 

You’ll be receiving enrollment forms soon. Forms will be placed in the mail this week and should be received early next week. Digital copies of the forms are available here:

Information about optional tours will be provided next week. We look forward to getting to know you and your student(s)!

For families that are waitlisted:

We wish we had the ability to accept everyone, and we know that it is difficult to be on a waitlist. 

The typical question we receive is “what are our chances of getting in?” It is unfortunately impossible to project what is and what is not a good waitlist number. We’ve had years where we’ve only gotten to #2 on a grade level’s waitlist, and years where we’ve gone much further down. This year we do not anticipate significant volatility on the waitlist.

We tend to see 3 primary times when the waitlist shifts: 

  1. After March 8th, which is the deadline for families who received offers to submit enrollment paperwork.
  2. After the close of the school year in June, when we typically see a handful of families relocate for jobs.
  3. At the beginning of the school year: Mid to Late July.

If you are interested in a waitlist update, you may call the school office around those dates to get the best insight into any movement that has occurred. 

To all families:

Thank you again for your enrollment interest. Parents make the most significant impact on their child’s academic and behavioral formation. If we do not have the opportunity to partner with you for the upcoming year (due to being on the waitlist), we hope that we will have the opportunity to do so in the future.